Our Program and Mission

Our program is designed to address the normal behavior and needs of the canine while addressing the symptoms of PTSD and TBI.  Each particular activity, command or exercise correlates to symptoms, known or unknown, to the Veteran.   This program will not only provide the therapy needed to cope with reestablishing social living, but it will also provide a new purpose of commitment in life. We believe providing a non-medicinal therapy with the standard medical protocols of today, will reduce symptoms and enhance the treatment for other psychological issues.


All of our dogs, who are named in honor of a fallen soldier, are rescued and trained with Trainers and Volunteers for a 16 to 20 month period learning more than 100 exposures of everyday living and more than 40 commands. Our program is designed to help two lives,
(The rescued dog and the Veteran) while inspiring countless others and works on private funding and donations as we are a 501c3 organization.  Our canines and services are of no cost to our Veterans.


We believe that valid intervention will lead to increased long-term behavioral development that is positive for the Veteran and their families.  Our dogs offer opportunities for the Veterans to interact with members of the community and experience positive interactions with society. Training requires positive emotions for success which will help the emotionally detached improve social skills. Our commitment to canine and veteran is a lifetime.

Our Vision

Building a Behavioral Health Facility to house Standard Behavioral Health Programs with Alternative Medicine and Non-Medicinal therapies.


Our Values

Respect, Honor and Serve our Veterans needs while treating the whole person not just the symptoms of a problem.  Creating that better tomorrow for those that gave us today.