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Updated: Apr 1

Named in Honor of Specialist Cody M. Decker

US Army

5/27/1992 - 6/8/2020

Specialist Cody M. Decker born in Mahanoy City, PA enlisted in the US Army in 2012 and attended basic training in Ft. Benning, GA. Cody was assigned to the 10th Mountain Infantry Division and deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. Cody served as a team leader and led a group of soldiers through combat. He endured major head trauma caused by an IED explosion in the Northern Province of Tagab. 

In June 2015 he was honorably/medically discharged and received the 5 NATO medal for service and was recognized for serving under the 319th Military Intelligence Battalion. 

Cody, a loyal son, grandson, nephew and friend returned to Mahanoy City in 2019 with plans to become a counselor for veterans. He lost his battle with his demons and took his own life June 8, 2020. RIP our nation's hero.


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