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Puppy Love Day

Presentations and Education Visits

Hosting a puppy love day is a great way to provide an introduction to our programs services and service dogs. We provide an educational view on the categories of canine assistance including psychiatric service dogs while engaging audiences of all ages. We love when our groups organize creative fundraisers like toy drives, social media campaigns, and fundraising efforts.  Each visit is tailored to your requests. Your support helps to make these life-changing companions available to our participants at no cost.


Inspiration for Better Quality of Life

Veterans, Law Enforcement,

First Responders

Journey with A purpose™ a recovery-oriented animal assisted therapy program for Veterans, law enforcement and first responders diagnosed with PTS (post-traumatic stress) or TBI (traumatic brain injury). The program helps by bringing awareness to the behaviors, fears, and attitudes that our participants need to overcome in order to achieve a positive quality of life. Our animal-assisted rehabilitation therapy program utilizes our dogs during the journey to become a service dog. By providing fully trained service dogs at no cost to the participants, this non medicinal program is a lifeline to mitigate the draining symptoms of service-connected trauma.

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Our skilled companions are trained to work with an adult or child with a disability under the guidance of a clinician. A TOV licensed professional will handle and care for the assistance dog, encouraging the plan of care and rehabilitation needed utilizing the dog as an adjunct to the clinician. Our dogs are all part of our service dog program with the highest quality health/wellness care and manners.  This program allows Tails of Valor® to expand the education of "Journey with a Purpose™" and provide the unconditional love with attentiveness needed for motivation, stress mitigation.  


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