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Named in Honor of David J. Holley Jr.

US Marines

7/22/1965 — 3/7/1996

United States Marine Captain David Holley entered the military in 1986 following graduation at Millersville University where he was awarded the “Triple Effort Award” as a star football player. He became a commissioned USMC LT and trained at the jet aircraft training naval air station in Meridian, Mississippi. He received his “Gold Wings” as a naval aviator in 1991. David’s continued service included Aviation Management School, Amphibious Warfare School, Air Combat Tactics Instructor, and tours in Norway and Japan. In December 1995, David became a FA-18 D squadron pilot. On March 7, 1996, David perished at sea with his F-18 fighter during maneuvers in the Atlantic Ocean.

His supreme sacrifice for our country is an eternal testament that to the very end of his life, David Holley exemplified the “ideals” all of us hold sacred. His intensity and passion for what he was doing made other people around him better. His attitude was contagious.

His credo was to give it your all…all the time!


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