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Named in Honor of John Aloysius Loftus

August 24, 1929 – March 26, 2016

Serving 12 years in the Navy (4 active and 8 reserve) in the North Atlantic John participated in cold war NATO missions to track Russian Submarines aboard first on the USS Dortch and then the USS Caperton. His Destroyer was transferred to the Pacific fleet to fight in Korea where he saw action in the Korean War shelling North Korea targets, protecting aircraft carriers, and rescuing downed pilots. After the Armistice, John continued to serve sailing through the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic Ocean. John enjoyed the Navy, loved Destroyers over the bigger ships and gained a tremendous self-confidence from leading hundreds of men on ship. After his military service John went on serving his country during his GE Aerospace career.

John worked on numerous satellite programs such as Nimbus a weather satellite for NOAA, Landsat a Remote Sensing Satellite for NASA, GPS a navigation satellite system for the Airforce who’s successor systems we know all use in our google maps. One highlight of his career was writing the proposal and winning the Defense Satellite Communications System Program or DSCS for GE. This was a constellation of satellites that provided global communications to military forces in the field and their commanders during the cold war and numerous shooting wars for 35 years. After DSCS John worked on systems for the US Intelligence community and NRO.

Overall John was a patriot, proudly serving his country and helping protect the U.S. from unfriendly nations through his GE Aerospace career.

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